Chinese steamed dumplings

Chinese food is my eternal love. I lived in China for quite a few years, and the only thing that I never get tired of is the absolutely amazing food. In fact as time passes, I get even more attached to Chinese food. Honestly, now in United States, the thing I miss most about China aren’t my friends ( sorry guys :)),  the people, or even the beautiful language. It’s the incredible food.

One of the food I miss the most is Chinese dumplings. Although it might not be such a fancy name, but believe me, once you’ve tried it, it becomes part of your life. I’m not even joking :), it’s that good. I once lived in Shanghai China. There was this restaurant right across where I lived, and they had the best dumplings in the world. they mainly sell breakfast, kind of like Jim’s.

The dumplings there, as I’ve said, is simply marvelous. They are usually served in small bamboo steamers, in eights. About half a palm in size, and delicious. I usually don’t eat that much, but when it comes to dumplings, I can finish three steamers of them ( people usually eat like three or four dumplings per person). When you bite down on the hot dumpling, the rich and warm juice inside just spreads through your mouth. Along with the meat wrap by the thin, tight coating of the dumpling, soft and tempting. I’m telling you, the first bite of dumpling in the morning is legitimately, the best feeling on earth.

So if you, by any chance, get to come to China. Please, please try the Chinese steamed dumplings. You most likely will not regret it. 😉


Wattpad Reviews: Better than Revenge

Such great book, loved it! 😉

Random Thoughts

Better than Revenge: The Flaming Popsicle

I finished this one about a week ago. It was.. interesting. I took my time with it.

First, I want to acknowledge the fact that The Flaming Popsicle is a great writer. I enjoyed reading Better than Revenge, and I can’t wait to read her other books.

(Right now, I’m reading Expiration Date by Mikaela Bender)

So, the book was over all, a terrific read. Although I never finished, at least reading about the development of their story was interesting.

‘Their’ meaning Sophia Hastings and Christian Ryder.


Actually, one of my OTPs. 😉

Anyways, oh how cringey Sophia was. I mean, I love you Sophia, you’re a great character, but sometimes she goes too far. She insults Christian, just a tad bit too much. I absolutely loved her comebacks though.

The book was so funny! I loved how childish they were. They…

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I think the names of colors are at the edge, between where language fails and where it’s at its most powerful.“- A.S.Byatt.

Color is without a doubt, one of the most fascinating and complicated language that exists on Earth. One color can have so many relationships with another, two colors alone can feel different than the two put together or combined in patterns. It is also a true delight to see colors weaved into textiles, watching them blend, cross, contrast and interact in different patterns, shapes and sizes. Let me put it in a simple way. You can learn all the languages, but you can never discover all the different colors around you.

For instance, when you look at a white carpet, first of course you acknowledge the fact that it is white and fury and soft. However if you really look into the colors in it, it is a whole different story. Colors work with light, one cannot live without the other. So when light hits the carpet, (if we assume the light is in a warm color) the part that catches the light may glow a tint of tan or yellow, and the part that is in the shadow, if you look closely, the shadows can be found with a hint of blue or purple.

 I love art, and I love colors, so I spend time exploring through it, finding out the associations and links between each color. I am definitely not an expert, but I am willing to look into it, and every time I do, I find something new. That’s what makes it really interesting.

We can find a thousand colors in one, and one in a thousand. The colors are there, always, the thing is if you know how to look for them. I hope after you read this you may really start seeing all the colors around you and if your world has become a bit more colorful.

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